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structured cabling

Siren Fire & Security provide structured cabling services throughout Merseyside for domestic and commercial customers. Structured cabling is the foundation of a well-run network, connectivity and the basis for all voice, data and video traffic within any office environment.

A robust structured cabling system helps:

  • Decrease administration time
  • Increasing network reliability
  • Allow faster access to applications
  • Reduce costs of telecom services 
  • Improve overall network performance

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Benefits Of Structured Cabling

As the world embraces the digital era, data cabling is rapidly becoming outdated. In response to the increasing demand for information accessibility, businesses are turning to structured cabling to stay ahead.

Structured cabling systems have become the preferred choice for organisations to efficiently distribute data and make digital assets available to users in real-time.

This system comprises various components that form the backbone of a company’s network infrastructure.

The initial step involves skilled network installation experts running cables throughout the premises, which can be a relatively costly process.

These cables are carefully chosen to handle high-speed transmission of vast amounts of data, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted network experience.

Structured Cabling vs Conventional Wiring

structured cabling

Throughout history, communication has been an essential aspect of human interaction. With the advent of electrical wires, intricate communication protocols like internet access became possible, though the challenge of proper installation remained.

In the business world, each company requires a unique set of components for its network infrastructure. However, a common practice was to hire electricians with the expectation that they knew everything about network wiring.

This can led to software installation issues, leaving IT departments uncertain about the functionality.

The introduction of the standard BS6701:2016+A1:2017 (Telecommunications Equipment and Cabling Standard) addressed some of these problems.

However, new challenges arose as individual electricians handled various tasks like copper cabling, patching, and testing, leading to inconsistencies and disruptions in the network.

To overcome these obstacles, structured cabling emerged as a comprehensive solution. This process involves creating a unified backbone for all network communication, channelling everything from computers and phones to printers through these organised cables.

This approach ensures seamless connections and improves overall performance, eliminating workflow disruptions caused by inconsistent setups.

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In our view, structured cabling stands as a vital IT backbone for businesses. It serves as the conduit for networks, phone lines, and power, efficiently handling diverse signals coursing through it.

The primary benefit of structured cabling lies in its ability to provide future flexibility.

As businesses evolve and new hardware or software needs to be integrated into the network setup, structured cabling enables seamless and adaptable connections.

This versatility ensures that the infrastructure can readily accommodate changes and technological advancements as they arise.

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