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Looking for trusted and reliable access control in Southport?

Siren Fire & Security are proud to be your 5-star-rated access control and security system company that specialise in a number of different systems depending on your security requirements.

Whether you require stand-alone access control, door entry, network access, or electric gate automation, we are here to help every step of the way.

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Below is a breakdown of the types of access control systems that Siren Fire & Security install:

  • Stand-Alone Access Control Systems
  • Network Access Control Systems
  • Door Entry Access Control Systems
  • Electric Gate Automation

Stand-Alone Access Control Systems

Standalone access control systems are security systems that operate independently. These systems are typically used to regulate access to specific areas or resources within a building or facility. For example, we regularly installed standalone access systems at schools, private business offices, and other types of similar establishments.

Standalone access control systems employ various authentication methods to verify the identity of individuals seeking access. This may include:

  • Keypads: Users enter a code or PIN to gain access.
  • Card Readers: Users present a magnetic stripe card, proximity card, or smart card to gain entry.
  • Biometric Readers: Systems may use fingerprint scanners, or facial recognition for verification.

Door Entry Access Control Systems

If you’re seeking a type of access control system that’s beneficial for controlling entry and exit points, door entry access control may be the most suitable for your building or premises. They offer a high level of security and flexibility, allowing your organisation to tailor access permissions to specific users and areas within their premises.

Similarly to standalone access control, door entry access systems use the following authentication and access methods:

  • Keypads: Users enter a code or PIN to unlock the door.
  • Card Readers: Users present a magnetic stripe card, proximity card, or smart card to gain entry.
  • Biometric Readers: Systems may use fingerprint scanners, or facial recognition for verification.

Access Control Southport – Benefits

Deterrent to Unauthorised Entry

Just like other types of security systems, such as intruder alarms and CCTV systems, access control systems provide a fantastic deterrent to unauthorised entry. This is proven to significantly reduce the possibility of potential burglars attempting to break into your premises.

Controlled Access

Within high-security environments, such as banks or schools, controlled access is imperative. Having precise control over who enters specific access to your building throughout the day is a sure way to enhance overall security and peace of mind. There are a number of systems available including standalone access and network access control.


As your organisation grows, it’s likely that you’re seeking to streamline entry and exit for your main keyholders. Access control eliminates the requirement of traditional keys as this is replaced with the likes of biometrics scans, PIN codes, and keycards. Essentially, these alternative access systems are much more secure and convenient.

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Do you provide access control for residential and commercial?

Yes, of course. Siren Fire & Security are able to install access control in Southport for a number of different sizes and types of premises. Whether you're seeking electric gate automation for your residential property or standalone access control for a commercial establishment, we can cater to your bespoke requirements.

Can access control systems integrate with existing security systems?

Siren Fire & Security have the expertise and capability to integrate access control with other existing security systems. For example, burglar alarms and CCTV systems. Integration capabilities can vary depending on the specific systems involved. One example of an integration that customers often request is access control systems integrated with Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems to provide visual verification of individuals gaining access to secured areas. 

Can access control systems be remotely managed?

Yes, of course, modern-day access control systems can be remotely managed. This allows you to monitor and manage the system from anywhere with an internet connection. Remote management functionality provides flexibility and convenience, particularly for organisations with multiple locations or for managing access outside of regular business hours. 

Why choose Siren Fire & Security?

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