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Siren Fire & Security are your 5-star-rated company that install all types of security systems for local authorities and councils throughout Merseyside.

Whether it’s a project of properties that the council owns, a business building, a court or anything else, they will all need to be equipped with security and safety equipment and that’s where we can assist!

Here at Siren Fire & Security, we supply and install the following systems for local authorities throughout Merseyside and the surrounding areas;-

•Burglar Alarms / Intruder Alarms
•CCTV Systems
•Fire Alarm Systems

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Burglar Alarms / Intruder Alarms

With a whole host of different burglar alarm systems on the market, there are plenty that cater for the likes of schools, hospitals, care homes, council estates and much more in the public sector.

When you come to us, we get to understand the circumstances in which you need them and offer a series of bespoke solutions. We stock a number of top brands and have completed many burglar alarm projects for local authorities.

A good burglar alarm system will protect your property or building and alert you when someone is trying to break in. This is extremely important for the likes of schools for example because the building will likely be empty after 5pm until the next day which could be considered ideal for attempted break ins. Let’s go into some benefits to burglar alarms for local authorities. 

A cool feature that some systems have is the ability to inform the police immediately if the alarm is set off. For local authorities in particular, this could be a great benefit. If someone does actually try and break in you can also get timestamps of information recorded to refer back to which is also a useful benefit.

CCTV Systems


CCTV is an excellent way to further protect your property and business. There are lots of systems on offer with varying specifications but we’re confident that there is a system to suit your exact needs.

You can get some with crystal clear footage both in the day and and at night. You can get remote access systems so you can see what the camera is recording from anywhere.

Having access to a 360 degree view of your building at all times is super useful in combating crime. If a potential criminal sees your camera on a building, they will think twice before trying anything. Help protect your community, visitors and employees with a top quality CCTV system.

Contact our team today to view our full range of systems and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Fire Alarms for Businesses 

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Here at Siren Fire and Security, we work closely with local authorities and councils to supply and install high quality fire alarms across the UK. For some local authority owned buildings, there is a legal obligation to have a fire alarm system put in but we would urge everyone to get a quality one.

The main reason is because fire alarms can detect signs of fire including smoke and toxic gases which could provide that extra bit of time for someone to get out the building before it gets worse.

If you imagine a school or hospital where there are always a lot of people going in and out, a fire alarm could save someone’s life. 

Fire alarm systems provide quick detection when fire is present, far sooner than anyone else would notice. Some systems even trigger a warning to the fire brigade who will come as soon as they can. This is amazing for local authority buildings because it’s likely that there will be lots of people in the building.

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We’ve worked on some amazing projects over the years for this type of client so we know exactly what we’re talking about here at Siren Fire and Security. With that said, please contact our team today for more information on security systems for local authorities.

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