Residential Security Systems

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Siren Fire & Security are your 5-star-rated company that install all types of home security systems.

With an abundance of different products on the market, it can be quite overwhelming and challenging to pick the perfect safety and security systems for your residential property.

Allow us to take some of the complexity away by offering three different types of product to consider as well as why they’re solid options for your house or home.

Here at Siren Fire & Security, we supply and install the following systems for your residential properties throughout Merseyside and the surrounding areas;-

•Residential Burglar Alarms
•Residential CCTV Systems
•Residential Fire Alarm Systems

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Home Burglar Alarms

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Burglar alarms have become a crucial component of modern residential security systems, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a sense of safety.

These systems are designed to detect and deter unauthorised intruders, offering numerous benefits that go beyond simple protection which we’ll detail below.

Although there are lots of burglar alarms for sale, all with different specifications, there is almost certainly a perfect system for you.

One of the main benefits of a burglar alarm system is that it often deters burglars from even attempting to do anything which is kind of the point of a burglar alarm. However, the difference is when you don’t have one versus when you do.

If you are the only home on your street to have a decent burglar alarm then you are almost certainly going to become less of a target.

A second benefit to burglar alarm systems is the fact that they’re equipped with sensors that provide rapid detection and in some cases they will actually send a signal to the authorities to alert that there has been some wrongdoing.

If you’d like more information on what could be bought in line with your needs and requirements, then get in touch with us today. 

Home Security CCTV Systems


CCTV systems have become increasingly popular for enhancing security in residential properties. These systems consist of cameras, monitors, and recording devices that are interconnected, allowing homeowners to monitor and record activities in and around their homes.

The use of CCTV systems in residential properties offers numerous advantages, making them a valuable addition to any security setup. Though CCTV cameras could be considered quite expensive, we would suggest that the benefits well outweigh the drawbacks, which there aren’t that many of anyway. 

CCTV cameras are excellent at carrying out their primary function, which is to generate video footage which does sometimes capture people doing illegal activities. The reliability of the technology and high definition graphics you can achieve from CCTV systems these days is remarkable.

Home Fire Alarms

fire alarms systems

Fires can happen at any time and any place so it’s important to ensure you have a working fire alarm in your home. Fire alarms play a pivotal role in detecting and alerting anyone inside a building that fire, smoke or toxic gas is present. 

Having a system that does this early on is crucial in your home because it gives people enough time to get out safely. Let’s delve into some further benefits of fire alarms for your residential property.

With the sophistication of technology in this day and age, fire alarms are actually advanced enough to detect some things in the atmosphere that, if present, will alert you.

This means that before a fire even gets a chance to spread fast, your fire alarm has alerted you. This speed could save someone’s life. This is the case for example, for if smoke particles are in the air.

What’s more is that with selected systems, if one sensor is triggered, it will send a message to all the other sensors in the building meaning they’re all on standby for detecting fire, smoke or toxic gases.

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