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Are you looking for a trusted and local company that supply and install burglar alarms in Formby?

If so, look no further than 5-star-rated Siren Fire & Security. Our mission is to make Formby safer and more protected so if you need a new system, choosing us would be a worthy decision.

Burglar alarms are security systems that alert you when someone is attempting unauthorised access to your property or building.

There are many different types of intruder and burglar alarms to select from, all with various features of levels of complexity. We are specialists in the supply, installation, repairs and maintenance of burglar alarms and we’ve had the pleasure of working in Formby for many years.

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There’s a few types of burglar alarms on the market that can be categorised in the following way:

  • Hard-Wired Alarms
  • Wireless Alarms
  • Hybrid Alarms
  • Integrated Systems

Burglar Alarm Repairs Formby

Unfortunately, there are times where your burglar alarms can become faulty or damaged. This is totally normal and can come as a result of general wear and tear or technical malfunctioning. Worry not though, because we have a fully comprehensive repairs team here at Siren Fire & Security.

Investing in brand new system isn’t always the answer and can be costly which is why we always provide a comprehensive repair so if your system if possible. Regularly checking the condition of your burglar alarms is important because you can detect any issues early on which may save you a lot of money and resources later down the line.

Faults we provide repairs for include; battery failures, faulty sensors, loose cables and connections, faulty control panels, visible damages and much more.

Intruder Alarm Servicing

Servicing is a crucial part of looking after your burglar alarms. It’s essentially a ‘health check’ on your alarm system to report any issues or provide information on the overall condition.

As with all types of security system, if you look after your system and equipment then it will last longer and continue to enhance property security. Intruder alarm servicing is predominantly available for larger and more complex systems, usually for commercial or industrial premises.

Burglar & Intruder Alarms – Benefits

Deters Burglars

The main benefit and primary function of a burglar alarm is to deter burglars. It does a very good job of this too because if it’s set off by an unexpected intruder, it will make a really loud noise which is enough to scare anyone! If a burglar had to pick between one house with an alarm and one without to burgle, they’d definitely choose the one without. So why not actively protect yourself with a burglar alarm from Siren Fire & Security?

Provides Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind should never be underestimated as a benefit because if you’re feeling calm and re-assured that your property is secure, you will feel content in whatever you’re doing in daily life. Even when your away from your property, real-time monitoring is available to access from your digital devices.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

A financial benefit of investing in burglar alarms is that your insurance premium is likely to decrease. If you consider from the perspective of an insurer, they are more likely to deem a property less of a risk if you have security systems installed. Therefore, you may cheaper rates which could be considered a return on your investment from a new alarm installation.

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Recent testimonials

Needed some urgent work doing at home. Sam managed to come late in the evening after he had been working all day to complete the job. Faultless job, would certainly recommend to anyone.

Jacob Roberts

Fantastic job fitting my alarm, very professional would recommend to anyone. Thank you sam

Ian Moorcroft

’Sam was recommended to me by another security company. I have been very impressed with his work, his professionalism and speed! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Carronn Barnes
Why choose Siren Fire & Security ?

Choose us for quality throughout every step, process and service. We only install quality burglar and intruder alarms partnering with industry-leading manufacturers and brands. Moreover, we install efficiently and impressively to ensure you have a good impression of us on site. We offer high quality repairs and maintenance to provide a full service from top to bottom. Siren Fire & Security are proud to be your 5-star-rated alarm company with over twenty-five 5-star Google reviews!

Do you have an example of a burglar alarm testimonial?

Yes we do, please read the burglar alarm testimonial below:

“Needed some urgent work doing at home. Sam managed to come late in the evening after he had been working all day to complete the job. Faultless job, would certainly recommend to anyone.

  • Jacob Roberts

You can check out all of our latest testimonials on our dedicated page here.

What types of sensors are used in burglar alarms?

Common types of sensors used in burglar alarms include door and window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and vibration sensors. Each type serves a specific purpose to detect different forms of unauthorised entry. We would be happy to run you through these in more detail or what specific systems have should you get in touch with our Formby team.

How long have you been installing burglar alarms in Formby for?

We have supplied, installed, repaired and maintained burglar alarms in Formby for a number of years as Siren Fire & Security but our team members have over 40 years in industry combined. This knowledge and experience is invaluable to our success and we’re so grateful for the incredible talent we have in our team that makes our customers happy!