Burglar Alarms St Helens

burglar alarms st helens

Looking for high-quality and durable burglar alarms in St Helens?

Burglar/intruder alarms are popular security systems for many types of properties. The main function of the alarm system is to alert the property owner if someone is attempting to unlawfully enter.

There are so many different types of burglar alarms on the market which can be overwhelming but if you come to us here at Siren Fire & Security St Helens, you get a wealth of knowledge and help to make it easier than ever to choose.

We’ve had the pleasure over the years of working on some incredible properties in St Helens covering all sectors meaning we’re perfectly placed to help almost anybody. We’re specialists in supplying, installing, repairing, and maintaining burglar alarm systems.

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Please see below, a list of some of the types of burglar alarm systems we supply in St Helens:

  • Hard-Wired Alarms
  • Wireless Alarms
  • Hybrid Alarms
  • Integrated Systems

Burglar Alarm Repairs

Wear and tear or faults can occur and fortunately, we have a fully comprehensive repairs team on hand to meet you when you need us most. This is good to know from your perspective because it means you’ll always have a direct line to fix your alarm issues within hours and your security will never be compromised for extended periods.

Thanks to our experience and the work we’ve done over the years we can offer this service which has helped many people and businesses. A brand new system isn’t always the right answer so make sure you cover all your options as it could save you a lot of money.

Intruder Alarm Servicing St Helens

Servicing intruder alarms periodically is super important in keeping on top of any problems. Servicing essentially provides a regular ‘health check’ on your system so you’re more likely to be more secure and safe for longer. What’s more, if there are any problems, we can get them sorted before they get worse.

When you invest in servicing your intruder alarm system, you benefit from having a reliable system that ensures longevity. We recommend servicing annually for commercial or industrial-type systems.

Burglar & Intruder Alarms – Benefits

Deters Burglars

The main benefit and also the main function of a burglar alarm is to deter burglars. When a burglar sees a sophisticated-looking system attached to a building, it can raise a question in their mind about whether it’s worth trying to break in or not. If two homes were side by side and one had an alarm and the other didn’t, they would go for the one that didn’t so it’s always a safe bet to have one installed.

Provides Peace Of Mind

This added security feature will hopefully give you greater peace of mind when you’re away from your property. This is a massively underrated benefit but it truly helps to improve mood and mental health because stresses and worries are limited.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

A quality burglar alarm will positively affect your insurance premium because you’ll be improving the safety of your property willingly. This means, in theory, because your property is safer, there’s less chance of a break-in and therefore less chance of a claim. So, as a result, you can expect to see a bit of money off your premium.

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We’ve gone into some of the features, some of our services, and some of the benefits to burglar alarms but you may want to know even more. If this is the case then please feel free to get in touch with our team in St Helens who would be happy to help further.

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Recent testimonials

Best alarm technician in the Uk??. Fitted full alarm system to my parents house. Including 3 cameras giving me and my family full view of our house via smart phone Android/Apple. Would recommend to anyone i know.

Ellis Pagan

Fantastic job fitting my alarm, very professional would recommend to anyone. Thank you sam

Ian Moorcroft

’Sam was recommended to me by another security company. I have been very impressed with his work, his professionalism and speed! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Carronn Barnes
Why choose Siren Fire & Security St Helens?

You should choose Siren Fire & Security St Helens because we’re a knowledgeable company with lots of experience across projects in residential, commercial, and industrial. We’ve installed burglar alarms in every type of building you can think of, plenty of these in St Helens too so we know the area very well. 

What sectors do you cover?

We cover all sectors thanks to the extensive experience we’ve gathered over the years. We’ve installed burglar alarms in; houses, schools, leisure centres, warehouses, large chemical facilities, office blocks, blocks of flats, and more. Ask us directly about our portfolio as we’d love to show you. 

What areas do you cover?

Our most common areas of work are listed below but we do go all over the North West so please contact us to ask if we cover your specific area. 

Key towns we cover:

St Helens, Ellesmere Port, Lydiate, Birkenhead, Liverpool, Southport, Burscough, Crosby and more.

Can systems be monitored by smartphones?

Yes, burglar alarms can be monitored by smartphones on selected systems. This sort of technology means that with an app or piece of software, the burglar alarm owner can toggle various settings from anywhere they are. Ask us directly what systems have smartphone monitoring and we’ll gladly show you.